by Minna Leinonen

Second version of Intre, with electronics

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Minna Leinonen



Intreel is part of radiophonic work Äiti - iäti (Eternal Mother), which deals with mothers' lives in joy and in sorrow. Three sections for ensemble and electronics were separated from the radiophonic work and adapted to meet the requirements of a concert hall. The first movement Inside – What if there was no light is a slowly and heavily pulsating inner state, which describes pregnancy and birth. The second movement Interruptions tells a story about alcoholism, in which a mother protects her little son from his drunken father. The third movement Intimacy is motionless fairy-like music, which describes the happiness of a grandmother and the meeting of generations. Movements are played attacca. Intreel was commissioned by the Pirkanmaa Fund of the Finnish Culture Foundation.

Minna Leinonen


Electro-acoustic Works


Sandy Ahjo (fl), Pekka Ahonen (cl), Janne Tuomi (perc), Ville Hautakangas (pf), Eeva Oksala (vl), Harri Topi (vcl), Minna Leinonen (el)Tampere hall, May 2, 2012.

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Commissioned by Finnish Culture Foundation/Pirkanmaa 2012.

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