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Infra (2005), commission of Time of Music Viitasaari, was part of a project involving the contemporary Finnish poet Saila Susiluoto: new pieces for two organs were based upon Susiluoto´s works from the book Huoneiden kirja (The Book of Rooms). The poet herself read the texts at the concert, organists Jan Lehtola and Markku Mäkinen.

The Book of Rooms draws its structure from the ancient Chinese The Book of Changes, every hexagram is here represented by one poem: Infra, an old Italian word meaning "in between" (in both factual and time senses), is based upon the no. 64, the last one. In Susiluoto´s version, named Silta (Bridge), is central the concept of being "between two worlds", in a no one´s land: there where we find ourselves before that anything happens, before conscience raises.

The alternative between two possible, complementary worlds reminded me of the concert situation, where the two instruments have their own space and sound world and yet are bound to meet.

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Chamber Works


Jan Lehtola and Markku Mäkinen, Time of Music festival, Viitasaari, July 8, 2005.

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Commissioned by Time of Music festival and Jan Lehtola.

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