In between

by Paola Livorsi

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Paola Livorsi

In between

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In between (2007) is both concretely and metaphorically in the middle: in the concrete sense it is related to two previous ensemble works, Manantial for five musicians (1998) and Verso for twelve musicians (Musik in 21. Jahrhundert, Saarbrücken 2003).

Philosophically the concept of "in between" was dear to Hanna Arendt: it indicates what stays between two realities, two persons; but it is also related to human voice, to communication. It may mean what unites, but also what separates. I imagined it as an almost physical space, an intermediate space where music happens: you can think about the "in between" between composer and musicians, musicians and public, and so on.

Space, as in many of my works, is organized according to a precise disposition of the instruments and musicians on stage.

© Paola Livorsi


fl, cl, hn, perc, vla, vlc, db


Chamber Works


Divertimento Ensemble, cond. Sandro Gorli, Teatro alle Tese, Venezia, October 7, 2007.

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A commission of La Biennale di Venezia e Compagnia per la musica in Roma;Dedication: al Divertimento Ensemble.

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