by Markku Klami

for guitar and 2-channel (stereo) tape

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Markku Klami


Music Finland


Göreme for guitar and tape continues my long-term cooperation with guitarist Patrik Kleemola - over the course of seven years this is the fourth work I have written fro him. For me it's always a great experience to work with distinguished musicians such as Patrik. Their genuine interest towards contemporary music and comments on our work are very important and enchanting for us composers. When it comes to speaking of my own compositions, I wish not to describe the backgrounds of my works in any further detail. Göreme was commissioned by Patrik Kleemola and is dedicated to him.

Markku Klami, September 2009


guit, tape


Works for Solo Instrument


Patrik Kleemola, guitar, Markku Klami, electronics, "perchitarrasola" concert, Helsinki (Finland), September 26, 2009. International premiere: Patrik Kleemola, guitar, Markku Klami, electronics, Rebus Festival, Milan, Italy, October 8, 2009.


I The Dark Hallway, II The Abyss, III The Mirror, IV Away

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Commissioned by and dedicated to Patrik Kleemola.

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