Fryd (ii)

by Lauri Supponen

version for viola, hammered dulcimer and dance

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Lauri Supponen

Fryd (ii)

Music Finland


In a Facebook discussion with violist Stephen Upshaw, I explained the genesis of Fryd (both the original and the second version) as follows.

I though of the concept for Fryd by looking at a logo of Fimic (now Music Finland), the organisation I was working for at the time ... it looked like this: a bunch of small speech-bubbles, green and turquoise, all lined up in a row of different sizes, they were all small though, huddled together as if waiting in line for a bus. And after maybe around 20 of them, suddenly on the right hand side there appeared a few huge ones, maybe 100 times the size of the small ones. It was like some huge air bubbles forming in water after a long series or really small and harmless ones. Similarly in this piece, there is a lot of immobility, and then big events, following jumpily suit.

- Lauri Supponen -


vla, perc, dancer


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The 2nd version of Fryd was premiered by Stephen Upshaw, viola and Lauri Supponen, hammered dulcimer with dancer Elias Girod at Suvilahti Tiivistämö in Helsinki on 12.2.2013, as part of Musica nova festival EarLAB -concerts organised by Korvat auki.The second performance with choreography by Veronika Lindberg for three dancers (Minna Karttunen, Justus Pienmunne and Satu Rinnetmäki) with Nikolai Walderhaug, viola and Lauri Supponen, hammered dulcimer was in the Helsinki Music Centre Concert Hall, at the University of the Arts opening event on 2.9.2013.

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Fryd (ii) is dedicated to Stephen Upshaw and Elias Girod.

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