Flowerbouquette No. 21+7+2 ASH

by Leif Segerstam

To mark the news of the engagement of neighbours Arja Saijonmaa & William Nygaard on July 21, 1994 as well as the simultaneous echos of the 21 clashings of the comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 with Jupiter...

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Leif Segerstam

Flowerbouquette No. 21+7+2 ASH

Music Finland

2222 4331 13 1, pno, str [pic,fl,ob,ehn,cl,bcl,fag,bcl,2. ja 3. pno lib.]


Works for Orchestra or Large Ensemble

Premiere Fp: Trondheim Symphony Orchestra, Trondheim, October 1994
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