Feroce - von tiefblauem Klang

by Harri Suilamo

für Gitarre und Streichtrio

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Harri Suilamo

Feroce - von tiefblauem Klang

Music Finland


Feroce - von tiefblauem Klang is a chaconne which disintegrates towards the end of the piece. It is an attempt to find a positive solution to the conflict between repetition (=similarity) and continuous regeneration (=dissimilarity). At first the guitar plays an identically repeated harmonic cycle of seven twelve-note chords, at the same time regenerating itself constantly like a sophisticated virus which in constantly varied form penetrates the cell membrane. As the regenerative energy is inexorably reduced to nothing, so the chaconne principle alse disintegrates through the transposition and fragmentation of the cycle. The title of the work was inspired by the situation at the first performance, though "deep blue" also refers to the fairly common combination of major and minor thirds ("blue notes") in the piece.

© Harri Suilamo, 1998


guit, vln, vla, vlc


Chamber Works


Ensemble TaG (Christoph Jäggin, guitar, Urs Walker, violin, Matthijs Bunschoten, viola, Hans-Ulrich Munzinger, cello), Winterthur (Switzerland), November 28, 1996.

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Commissioned by the Ensemble TaG.

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