False Reflections

by Tuomas Kettunen

for flute, oboe, clarinet, trombone and piano

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Tuomas Kettunen

False Reflections


The piece was inspired by a set of imaginary images of reflections on the surface of water. On a flat and calm surface, the reflection is perfect, but even a small ripple on the surface will disturb the reflection and make it appear false, even unrecognizable. In the piece, the musical material is reflected on an unstable surface which is constantly affected by the actions of the instruments.

This music is a spiral – it repeats a series of five chords by getting faster every round, until reaching a critical point. Each of the chords possesses its own character and mood, but the further the music goes the more blurred and mixed it gets.


fl, ob, cl, trb, pno


Chamber Works


September 10, 2023, Royaumont Foundation, France

Commisioned by / dedications

Written for the Voix Nouvelles Academy of the Royaumont Foundation.

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