by Sebastian Fagerlund

for ensemble

Empty sheet

Sebastian Fagerlund


Edition Peters


The inspirational starting point for Exhibit has been Finnish stone age rock paintings from ca 7000- 5000 years ago. The piece is not programmatic music describing a certain specific painting or motive. Instead I have been fascinated by the way the paintings tend to melt in to the rock and nature itself, becoming a inseperetable part of a larger picture full of details, shapes and contrasts.

The piece contains many of the musical building blocks I often have used in my music during the last years. It could be described as a character piece which in a sense functions as a selfportrait of me as a composer. The rock paintings also added a certain shamanistic emphasis on many of the musical sequences.

© Sebastian Fagerlund 2010


fl, cl, bsn, pno, hp, vin, vla, vlc


Chamber Works


Danish Chamber Players, Copenhagen, June 4, 2010

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Commissioned by Danish Chamber Players

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