by Uljas Pulkkis

for chamber orchestra

Empty sheet

Uljas Pulkkis


Fennica Gehrman


Encanto (spanish word for enchantment or charm) is a piece for chamber orchestra and a pre-made tape. Tape part (or nowadays a CD), containing both synthesized (C-sound) and concrete (glass) sounds, is not heard all the time, but appears occasionally to complete the hearing experience. The work contains numerous microtones, including 1/8-steps. The use of the microtones produces strange sounding harmonies, which are actually partials of a high pile of the natural overtones.

© Uljas Pulkkis, 7/1999


1122 2000 01, tape, str: 6-5-4-3-2


Works for Orchestra or Large Ensemble


Orchestra of the Helsinki Conservatory, cond. Pekka Helasvuo, Helsinki, April 14, 1999

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