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Maija Hynninen


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Earthship is a house that is designed to be in harmony with the surrounding nature. The building materials are both natural and recycled – used tires, soda cans, bottles. The energy efficient building is designed to run mostly on solar power. The building collects its own water and food is grown in its greenhouse. Rather than resisting the forces of nature, this building is nurtured by them.

My work for the EXPO Milano 2015 is inspired by the idea of living in harmony with nature. The destruction of nature leads to extinction, the most fragile animals and insects have already started to disappear. As the destruction spreads the diversity of our surrounding world will start to fade. Like the building, Earthship (2015) builds on natural material. It travels through rich natural habitats and draws portrets of its residents. The electronic part is build out of the sounds of endangered species of insects and animals.

Earthship is composed for the final round of Feeding Music International Composition Contest 2015 hosted by Divertimento Ensemble.


fl/pic, cl/bc, pno, perc, vln, vlc, electronics


Chamber Works


Finalist in Feeding Music International Composition Contest organised by Divertimento Ensemble at EXPO Milan 2015. Results have not yet been announced.


World premier: Divertimento Ensemble, cond. Sandro Gorli, 22.9.2015, EXPO Milan 2015, EXPO Gate.

Fp. in United States: Eco Ensemble, cond. David Milnes, 9.5.2016, Hertz Hall, Berkeley, United States.

Fp. in Finland HELIjaKEEL Ensemble, cond. Jaan-Eik Tulve, 29.5.2016, Balderin Hall, Helsinki

Fp. in Estonia HELIjaKEEL Ensemble, cond Jaan-Eik Tulve, 31.5.2016, Vene Teater, Tallinn, Estonia

Commisioned by / dedications

Feeding Music International Composition Contest for EXPO Milan 2015.

Dedicated to Divertimento Ensemble

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