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Paola Livorsi

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Eâ (2002) for flutes (in C, G and bass, one player) and piano was premiered at IRCAM in 2002. The title comes from the Gilgamesh Book, and is the name of the god of Waters and Deep seas. It appears also in Saint-John Perse’s poem Vents. The piece, in four sections (sognante, fluttuante, dal silenzio, sognante), integrates extremely fragile instrumental colours within a larger form : first and last part mirror each other ; the second part is more restless and extrovert, the third one opposes materic outbursts of sound to long silences. The work was deeply influenced by Castaneda’s books, by Messican shamanic conception of time, where sudden changements of state of mind (or levels of consciousness) are preceded by deep, long meditation. © Paola Livorsi


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Deborah Kruzansky, flute, Paolo Vergari, piano, Paris, IRCAM, March 8, 2002.

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Commissioned by the Foundation Adkins-Chiti Women in Music, Rome.

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