Duettino no. 3

by Pekka Koivisto

for viola and cello

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Pekka Koivisto

Duettino no. 3

Music Finland


Duettino no. 3 was composed in June & July of 2022. The piece is the third one in my series of small duets of which all are named 'Duettino'. The first duettino was composed in 2017 (for cello & flute), the second one in 2019 (for clarinet in Bb & flute). Unlike the previous Duettinos, which had a rather calm and suspended character, Duettino no.3 is a highly spirited piece, in which the instruments constantly engage in a dense dialogue.


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Chamber Works


Martti Laivuori and Anna Pohjola

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Dedicated to Martti Laivuori and Anna Pohjola

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