by Jukka Koskinen

for chamber orchestra

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Jukka Koskinen


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I finished Diplopia in summer 2001. It is my second piece which has been commissioned by the Icelandic Caput Ensemble. The title means "double vision" and refers especially to the middle section in which the chamber orchestra is clearly divided into two independent groups.

© Jukka Koskinen, 2002

Diplopia is the second chamber work commissioned from me by the Icelandic Caput Ensemble. The title, meaning double vision, refers to the long middle section in which the orchestra is divided into two layers that repeatedly draw closer to or away from each other or cross. The result is an alternation of bright and soft harmony and cluster.

© Jukka Koskinen 2006

Kesällä 2001 valmistunut Diplopia on toinen islantilaisen Caput-yhtyeen minulta tilaama teos. Kappaleen nimi tarkoittaa kahtena näkemistä ja viittaa erityisesti kappaleen keskijaksoon, jossa kamariorkesteri jakaantuu selvästi kahteen itsenäiseen ryhmään.

© Jukka Koskinen, 2002


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Works for Orchestra or Large Ensemble


Caput Ensemble, Reykjavík, March 9, 2002

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