by Eero Hämeenniemi

for Flute and 12 Solo Strings

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Eero Hämeenniemi


Fennica Gehrman


The Sanskrit word darshan has a number of meanings, most of which have to do with seeing or knowing. Knowledge through sight is based on direct perception, not inference. No layer of words separates the knower from the known.

In December 1988 I spent two weeks in Delhi attending a festival of Hindustani music. I also had a chance to talk to many distinguished musicians and dancers during my visit. Darshan was inspired by my experiences in Delhi, yet it does not have much to do with India or Indian music as such, and nowhere in it do I make use of the techniques of Indian classical music: ragas, talas and so on. Darshan is a piece of music written after seeing India, for the third time. It is my music, but inasmuch as we are the sum of our experience, it has been touched by India. Hence the Sanskrit title.

© Eero Hämeenniemi, 1991

(Warner Chappell Music Finland Oy)


fl, 12str:6vln, 2vla, 2vlc, 2db


Chamber Works


Mikael Helasvuo, flute, Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra, cond. Juha Kangas, Tampere Biennale, February 26, 1992.

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