Concerto nordico II

by Herman Rechberger

for Terzguitar in G and small orchestra

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Herman Rechberger

Concerto nordico II

Music Finland


In 1993 I wrote this Mini-concerto - with a nordic flavour - for one of my guitar students. I decided to follow absolutely his desires concerning ththe melodic and harmonic structure (after all, "Mark" - that was his name - had a strong affection for ethnic music). The first performance took place in a summer camp in Kemiö/Finland. The concerto was scored according to what was available in our music school. In 1999 I looked over the score again and found, that the texture needs some technical refinements. I reworked the phrasing, made some minor changes in the solopart and added a double bass, which was not available at the time of the first performance. I also changed the recorder parts to two oboes. The two accordions were combined in order to be perform by one player.

Now, 20 years onwards, I found, that I could renew it for the Terzguitar by transposing it a minor third up, improve it by adding a movement, rework the fluency of the solopart and changing slightly the tempi and finally rename it as Concerto Nordico II. I hope that this concerto will be a jolly enrichment to the repertoire of young and, why not, elderly guitarists.

The terzguitar gives more brilliance to the texture.

- Herman Rechberger


2220 0220 10 0, acc, str, terz guit solo


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