Cirques for 11

by Kimmo Kuokkala

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Kimmo Kuokkala

Cirques for 11

Music Finland


The title of the work suggests circular motion. The idea of circulation is at first reflected on the gestural level and later as repetition of the material. One of the ideas that interested me most during the composing process was the harmonic opening from a dark soundscape dominated by clusters towards a bright atmosphere filled with consonances. The harmonic opening within the first section leads via a quiet phase to a situation in which the dominating character is sudden shifting between different textural surfaces. Angularity works as a fresh counterbalance to the solid linearity of the initial phase.

© Kimmo Kuokkala 2005


fl /pic, ob, cl/bcl, bsn, 2vln, vla, vlc, pno, 2perc


Works for Orchestra or Large Ensemble


UNKO, cond. Jani Telaranta, Ung Nordisk Musik Festival, Helsinki, September 8, 2005. Fbp: Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE, September 15, 2005

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