by Jennah Vainio

Once a year they gather to celebrate, the brides of the shadows

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Jennah Vainio


Uusinta Publishing Company

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Chamber Works

Premiere Fp: Daniela Stancu, violin, Alfonso Patriarca, bassoon, Pescara, Italy, March 12, 2006. Fp in Finland: Maria Puusaari, violin, Otto Virtanen, bassoon, Helsinki, December 10, 2006. Fp in Sweden: Anna Lindal, violin, Henrik Blixt, bassoon, Nordic Music Days (NMD), Norrköping, August 31, 2007. Fp in France: Carole Frerebeau (France), violin, Benjamin Coelho (Brasil-USA), bassoon, Colloque Fou de Basson, Angoulême, June 28, 2008

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