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Leif Segerstam


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The instrumentation and performance versions 1) for solo violin and solo bassoon + 2220/2200/12/2, 2 pianos, strings 2) for solo clarinet in Eb and solo tuba + 2220/2200/12/2, 2 pianos, strings 3) the chamber version: the solo instruments and at least piano(s), harp(s) and some percussion as "embellage" and added any amount of instruments from the original orchestra 4) solo instruments possible to cross: violin & tuba or clarinet in Eb & bassoon 5) flute or piccolo could read the violin part and translate it to "woodwind notation" like the clarinet in Eb part and jump in octaves where needed... if you wish to use a flute as one of the solo parts (Leif Segerstam)


2222 2200 12 2, 2pno, str, vln solo, bsn solo [vln/cl in eb/fl/pic solo, bsn/tba solo)


Works for Soloist(s) and Orchestra


Pori Sinfonietta, Pori (Finland), Februray 15, 2007

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See also the version for solo instruments and orchestra

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