Beyond the Web

by Riikka Talvitie

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Riikka Talvitie

Beyond the Web


When I started to compose the piece Beyond the Web for guitar and violoncello I consciously tried to avoid an image of a soft, lonely guitar sighing on the stage. Instead of that I wanted to treat guitar as an energic, exact and cooperative companion beside violoncello. My motto was: be strict — a sentence which I repeated to the very end of the work.

As a starting point I composed some tematic structures which never exist as such. During the piece they are varied and decorated in different ways to suit both instruments. Fading and veiling of these tematic structures could be compared to the net — spider’s web glittering at dawn, which covers numerous details.

© Riikka Talvitie 2006


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Chamber Works


Petri Kumela, guitar, Erkki Rautio, cello, Musica nova Helsinki, Helsinki, March 8, 2005

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