by Ville Raasakka

for violin and video

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Ville Raasakka




Benzene is one of the main derivatives of crude oil. As is commonly known, it is used in fuels and solvents. What is not so widely known, is that benzene derivatives play a significant role in our beauty and wellness products.

Benzalkonium chloride is an actibacterial chemical used in soaps, sun lotions and hair conditioners. It is as such a deadly poisonous chemical. Benzophenone is a UV blocker, that preserves the colours in nail polishes, other cosmetics, lip glosses and shampoos. It is a cancer inducing chemical. Benzyl benzoate is used for its perfume in many beauty products. This chemical is a known allergen.

I recorded sounds from using shampoo, mascara and nail polish in my bathroom. These closely recorded sounds are juxtaposed with music that could be in a beauty or wellness product commercial. I used a few corporate music samples to compose this imaginary advertisement music. The video consists of fragments of eighties tv commercials.

- Ville Raasakka


vln, tape


Works for Solo Instrument


Eriikka Maalismaa, violin, Ville Raasakka, video, 31st July 2019, Our Festival, Tuusula, Finland

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Commissioned by Eriikka Maalismaa

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