Badminton Opera

by Max Savikangas


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Max Savikangas

Badminton Opera


Compositions included in the performances of structurally modular 'Badminton Opera / Sulkapallo-ooppera' to texts, visualisation and direction by Juha-Pekka Hotinen and Teemu Mäki at the Kiasma Theatre, Helsinki, October 6 - 16, 2005 (duration of music ca 75', total duration of the performance ca 90').

These compositions are also independent and separate works, sheet music available from Music Finland. Video and audio recordings of the premiere are available from the composer by request.


Works for the Stage


MOVEMENTS Turkish Overture for piano / Turkkilainen alkusoitto pianolle 2005 (5 min.); Little Red Riding Hood and Goose / Punahilkka ja hanhi, tape, co-composition with Timo Muurinen 2005 (17 min. 20 sec.); Thai for alto singer and piano / Thaimaalainen alttolaulajalle ja pianolle 2005 (11 min.) Text: Juha-Pekka Hotinen; Milk for piano and reciter, originally for string quartet and reciter 1999 / Maito pianolle ja lausujalle 2005, orig. jousikvartetille ja lausujalle 1999 (10 min.). Text: Teemu Mäki; Pleasure for alto singer, bass singer and piano / Nautinto alttolaulajalle, bassolaulajalle ja pianolle 2005 (6 min.) Text: Juha-Pekka Hotinen; Badminton Opera Beat Box for vocal percussionist and sound system / Sulkapallo-ooppera Beat Box vocal percussionistille ja äänentoistolle 2005 (4 min.). Text: Juha-Pekka Hotinen; Marquis isn’t Sun Blind for piano and reciter / Markiisi ei ole päivänvarjo lausujalle ja pianolle 2005 (8 min.). Text: Teemu Mäki; Badminton Fanfare for piano / Sulkapallofanfaari pianolle 2005 (1 min. 30 sec.); Badminton Fanfare for saxophone quartet / Sulkapallofanfaari saksofonikvartetille 2005 (1 min. 30 sec.); Meat Ball Meal Music for saxophone quartet / Lihapullien syöntimusiikkia saksofonikvartetille 2005, tape (14 min.); Tsunami for alto singer / Tsunami alttolaulajalle 2005 (2 min.).

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No sheet music available from Music Finland.