Au-dessus des nuages

by Juan Antonio Muro

Pilvien yläpuolella, Above the clouds

Empty sheet

Juan Antonio Muro

Au-dessus des nuages

Music Finland


”Au-dessus des nuages” was composed at the same time with a painting of the same name. Both works have the same source and the same author but are,

in spite of this, independant of each other. They look for a mutual connection through form and expression and aim to the same kind of expressive intensity.

The name, "Above the clouds", is based on a visual-acoustic event, where two extreme elements - machine and space - meet and create a strong space-time experience.

Neither of the works aim to describe the event; the composition is built on organicly treated material, worked out in a counterpoint manner, alternating dense and tight

fragments with situations of an airy and spacious character. The painting is defying stability through the confrontation of elements of different compositional importance.

In addition to the painting and the composition I have documented the process of creation of both works in a essay published in French language by the Amos Anderson

Museum of Helsinki, Finland, in its collection of essays ”See like this?” (in finnish ”Voisitko nähdä näin?). The book contains a CD with the music and the translation into Finnish.

The music is played by the French Ensemble The Quator HBBCE with Céline Langlet, Iiria Sauri, Narcis Llongueres and Roger Eon, for whom the work was written. JAM


fl, ob, bcl, guit


Chamber Works


Premiere: 12.08.2010. Plouzec (Bretagne, France). Ensemble Quator HBBCE.Commissioned by: Quator HBBCE (C.Langlet, I.Sauri, N.Llongueres, R. Eon)

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