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ASTI per violino e pianoforte, to give its full name, was composed as a commission from Simo Vuoristo in an intense few weeks between the end of October and December 2003. My aim was to make it more of a traditional violin fantasia than a grand-sounding "virtuoso" piece. The violin is allowed to sing, to demonstrate its agility without having to `show-off´ in the manner of the great Romantic violin works.

The work is divided into four sections: an opening Allegretto, molto espressivo followed by an Allegro presented by the piano in darker tones. The mood nevertheless brightens up fairly soon, and the Adagio misterioso introduces a new kind of clarity and light. The last section is again marked Allegretto, with the footnote quasi una cadenza.

© Johanna Eränkö (2007)


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Simo Vuoristo, violin, Tommi Pounusaari, piano, Turku, March 30, 2004

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