Around the Circle

by Tomi Räisänen

for recorder, cello and harpsichord

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Tomi Räisänen

Around the Circle


“Around the Circle” is based on cyclical ideas that are applied in various ways to generate musical material. The form is also cyclical and in its end a similar musical situation to the beginning of the piece is heard. However, something has changed en route. This can be understood as analogous to temporal cycles; the start of each day, week, month or year is always a new beginning.

Tomi Räisänen, 2011


rec, vlc, cemb


Chamber Works


Baroque Ensemble Cornucopia: Pekka Silén, recorder, Louna Hosia, cello and Marianna Henriksson, harpsichord. May 28, 2012, Helsinki, Finland

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