…and we are rotating with it

by Minna Leinonen

for string quartet

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Minna Leinonen

…and we are rotating with it

Music Finland


How does 566 climate-compensated coffee cups of premiered music sound?

The string quartet ...and we are rotating with it was influenced by things that some time ago seemed utopian, distant, too big and abstract, but which now concern us not only in the light of updated knowledge and research, but also as our beautiful but fragile earth is changing faster and closer to the unimaginable than ever before. Sometimes you must work hard to keep up with the change when the days seem to unreally float forward. In July 2023, the UN Secretary General said that the climate crisis is out of control. When writing this program note, global heat records are being broken and Rhodes is burning.

The work was also inspired by information about the acceleration of the Earth's rotation speed. June 29, 2022 was the shortest day ever measured. Climate change is thought to be one of the reasons.

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The work was commissioned by the wonderful Kamus quartet for Our Festival 2023 and it is dedicated to them.

The Our Festival measured the carbon footprint of the composition process and first performance and compensated them. The emissions of the standard proposal were a total of 889.9 kg CO2e, of which:

- The facilities produced 291.5 kg CO2e, which also included the practice facilities used by Kamus for the piece

- The trips paid off 391.9 kg CO2e, of which 91% consisted of audience trips to the concert

- The material purchases and the accommodation of the performers and myself at the festival resulted 206.4 kg CO2e

And compare emissions to a cup of coffee (emissions of a cup of coffee approx. 1.57 kg CO2eq/0.2l portion)

- 566 coffee cups from the entire work

- and 56 cups of coffee per listener.

The piece is played from the score.



2vln, vla, vlc


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Kamus Quartet: Terhi Paldanius, 1. violin, Jukka Untamala, 2. violin, Jussi Tuhkanen, viola and Petja Kainulainen, cello. Meidän festivaali / Our Festival, July 29, 2023, Järvenpää, Finland

Commisioned by / dedications

Commissioned by Kamus Quartet and Our Festival 2023

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