by Matti Heininen

for sextet

Empty sheet

Matti Heininen


Music Finland


The word Amortization is an accounting term. The composition itself has nothing to do with accounting, but with the literal meaning of the word Amortization: ”killing” or ”making dead”. Processes and materials are cut off suddenly in the work. Towards the end the initial setting becomes reversed, as the opening materials start acting as an interrupting agent. The American–English litteration of the word is used, since the letter ”z” associates with the many forzati in the work.

In a deeper lever the title also relates to the concept of personal sacrifice, which in my opinion lies at the heart of all creation.

The work is dedicated to its first performer, Ensemble Looptail from Amsterdam.


fl, cl, vln, vlc, pno, perc


Chamber Works


Ensemble Looptail, Time of Music Festival, July 2015, Viitasaari, Finland

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Dedicated to its first performer, Ensemble Looptail from Amsterdam.

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