Äkäs for live percussion and fixed media

by Minna Leinonen

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Minna Leinonen

Äkäs for live percussion and fixed media


Äkäs is a dialogue between a live percussionist and a surround audio recording. The percussion part is partly improvised. The recording consists of percussion instruments and sounds of water in solid and vaporous forms - vaporizing water sizzling in a sauna oven, ice tinkling and cracking, ice bars clattering and snow creaking. The sounds are gently modified. While composing this piece I was inspired by a text about the Finnish nature written by an Italian explorer and musician, Giuseppi Acerbi. The concrete material of Äkäs was recorded in Äkäslompolo, Lapland.

© Minna Leinonen, 2008


1 percussion player (live), audio dvd (5.1 surround system)


Electro-acoustic Works, Works for Solo Instrument


Ars Nova Aboa Vetus 2 Jun 2009, Turku (Finland)Fbp: Yle Radio 1 Avaruusromua, Finnish Broadcasting Company, 7 Nov 2010.

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Dedicated to Mikael Heikkilä.

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