by Jarmo Sermilä

Train of Thoughts, Train Of Thoughts

for fluegelhorn and small orchstra

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Jarmo Sermilä


Edition Wilhelm Hansen


Train of Thoughts was written in 1999 after a commission by the Hämeenlinna City Orchestra. I could suggest the solo instrument myself and I chose the fluegelhorn because I was earlier asked to write something for it. Actually this is my second fluegelhorn piece - the first one is from the late 70s with electronic background. I have played the fluegelhorn myself and I really appreciate the lyrical features of the instrument. I wanted to emphasize this quality and compare it to a human thought, or better to say, the development of a thought before it appears in words. (97) After a thought has got its form, it must be tested and countertested, before it can jump on its wings. Here the solo instrument presents the development of a thought and the small orchestra takes care of the objections and acceptance. Yet, the main idea was to present the fluegelhorn and its best sides, which to me are the warm, human sound. Though it can be very flexible, I left all unnecessary virtuoso elements aside and tried to give room to the mellow expression in the microtonality of alternative fingerings and the warmth of the sound in the low register with powerful pedal tones.

© Jarmo Sermilä


2fl, str, fhn solo


Works for Soloist(s) and Orchestra


Juha Untala, fluegelhorn, Hämeenlinna City Orchestra, cond. Tuomas Pirilä, Hämeenlinna, October 7, 1999


1. Julistus/Declamation, 2. Miete/Idea, 3. Valitus/Complaint, 4. Johtopäätös/Conclusion

Commisioned by / dedications

Commissioned by the Hämeenlinna City Orchestra

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