by Minna Leinonen

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Minna Leinonen



Thomas of Aquino's concept of time was the starting point of composing Aevum. He divided time to three types: in the narrow sense time has a given beginning and a given ending. Secondly, eternity (tota simul) is timeless and exists simultaneously as a whole. Thirdly, "aevum" does have a beginning but not an ending - it is endless. In this piece rapidly bursting, powerful music expressing the present and sensitive, quiet, distant texture are layered. The latter material aims to a feeling of music being existent long before this moment and continuing after the music has stopped - in an other, endless time. Aevum was commissioned to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Finnish Cultural Foundation's Pirkanmaa Fund.

Minna Leinonen


harp solo


Works for Solo Instrument


Liisa Honkanen, harp, Tampere hall, May 2, 2012.

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Commissioned by Finnish Cultural Foundation/Pirkanmaa 2012.

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