A Noble Pair

by Niilo Tarnanen

etude for solo guitar

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Niilo Tarnanen

A Noble Pair

Music Finland


The solo guitar etude ’A Noble Pair’ is dedicated to Antero Pellikka. After Antero asked me to write a piece I decided to focus on tapping, a technique in which the sound is generated only by the action of fingers on the fretboard. The both halves of the string are vibrating unless one of them is specifically damped. The letters A and G paired with H (i.e. B natural) and E assosiated in my mind with silver (Ag) and helium (He), and these noble elements inspired the forming of two alternating sections. Silver is a dense and electroconductive metal, and the guitarrist dashes along its crystal structure like a free electron. Helium is an inert gas with low density, and the guitarrist floats in it without a feel of gravity. Both sections offer the guitarrist several alternative paths to follow, and therefore the form of this work is organized again in each performance.




Works for Solo Instrument


5.2.2019 Sellosali, Espoo, Finland


Argentum - Helium

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Dedicated to Antero Pellikka

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