a due (ab initio)

by Adina Dumitrescu

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Adina Dumitrescu

a due (ab initio)


A due (ab initio) for piano duet is developed as a game around a 4-eigths rhythmical formula. The first part on a sonorous fromula and the second part on an unsonorous formula, that means a 4-eigths silence. This very monotonous rhythmical stratum is combined with a divergent melodical-harmonical one, from a modal point of view. The conflict of the superposition of these elements will not generate, finally, an important conflict. The “problem” is solved peacefully, the melodic element ruling the last part of the discourse.

© Adina Dumitrescu 2001


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Chamber Works

Premiere Fp : Ana Giurgiu and Patricia Firca, International New Music Week festival, Bucarest, May 24, 2001

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