Sebastian Hilli

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Sebastian Hilli has quickly become one of the most fascinating Finnish composers of his generation. He has written mainly chamber music but has also convinced professional audiences that he has the skills to compose for symphony orchestras as well. In 2015 he won first prize in the Toru Takemitsu Composition Award with his orchestral work Reachings. Instrumental colours and techniques play crucial roles in Hilli’s music. It can be described as active and energetic, but then again sensitive, melancholic and tranquil. “I aim to express my musical thoughts in broad arcs. The overall identity of a work and its various characters and emotional states are important, and through these I outline the shape of the music on a general level; that’s what my music is about.”, says Sebastian Hilli.



Title Instrumentation Year Category Duration Available from
Affekt 2017 45:00
Arachne 2016 20:00 Music Finland
confluence/divergence 2015 7 27:00 Music Finland
Delta 2012 7 06:00 Music Finland
Elogio de la sombra 2015 7 17:00 Music Finland
Hypha 2013 7 10:00 Music Finland
Kohta 2013 7 06:00 Music Finland
Paraphrase 2015 7 09:00 Music Finland
Paraphrase II 2016 00:00 Music Finland
Paraphrase III 2016 13:00 Music Finland
Reachings 2014 2 13:00 Music Finland
Rift 2014 8 07:00 Music Finland
Scintillio 2014 8 07:00 Music Finland
Stereoactive 2013 7 05:00 Music Finland
Unohdan että unohdan 2011 9 18:00 Music Finland