Sabrina Ljungberg


Sabrina Ljungberg (b. 1989) is a Finnish choir conductor, singer, and choral composer known for her music often described as engaging and powerfully unique.

In 2015, Ljungberg founded vocal collective Sabrina ja Saarten tyttäret to perform music she had written to traditional Finnish poems, such as those from Kanteletar. In 2022, Ljungberg founded vocal group LEINA consisting of seven singers. The group performs new music by Ljungberg, combining vocals with Eino Leino’s poems and electronic soundscapes.

Ljungberg’s music has been performed by EMO Ensemble, The Academic Male Voice Choir of Helsinki, Aalto University’s Mixed Choir Dominante, and Vaskivuori Upper Secondary School Chamber Choir, among others. Her music has been recorded by choirs such as Teekkarikuoro, Vaskivuori Upper Secondary School Girls’ Choir, and Sabrina ja Saarten tyttäret. She has written commissioned choral works for The Polytech Choir, Women’s Choir Kupliva, Järvenpää Women’s Choir Ainottaret, and Lahti Women’s Choir Filianna, whose artistic director she has been since 2015.

In addition to composition, Ljungberg works passionately at developing Finnish choral music. Collective choral song writing projects and dramatic musical performances by Sabrina ja Saarten tyttäret are examples of this work.


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