Marko Autio


Marko Autio's works are characterized by colours and rhythms inspired by natural themes. Autio has been described as a "colourful and inventive orchestrator" (Aija Haapalainen / TS) and a "master of dance rhythms" (Marika Kivinen / TS).

Autio's works also convey vivid emotions. "Fragility meets strength in the dreamlike atmosphere," writes Matti Komulainen (TS) of the quartet Kuoleman uni and "The quintet is like an organic sound machine that forms atmosphere" Marika Kivinen (TS) of a clarinet quintet.

Autio's main works are his two operas: the often performed children's opera Adalminan helmi (premiere 2005) and the graphic novel based Logicomix (premiere 2017). Additionally, Autio has composed song cycles, piano music and chamber music.


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