Kerkko Koskinen

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Kerkko Koskinen is principally known to Finns as the songwriter, keyboard player and leader of the hugely popular band Ultra Bra in the 1990s. Even in those days, he was ambitious and uncompromising in writing music, and that has not changed. He has since written music for instance for the 60-member Kerkko Koskinen Kollektiivi and for the UMO Jazz Orchestra, besides writing film scores and incidental music for the stage. The lyrics he sets are typically of high quality and profound, e.g. poetry by Anna Akhmatova. “Koskinen’s cinematic pop-song style quotes from modal jazz and schlagers in turn, but all of his music prompts romantic and nostalgic emotions,” writes Otto Talvio.


Title Instrumentation Year Category Duration Available from
A Fistful of Rye 2007 05:10 Music Finland
American Miniature Horse 2017 30:00
Anastasia by the Pool 04:00 Music Finland
And Then There Was One 2007 07:15 Music Finland
Calling. Mrs. Aagaard 04:20 Music Finland
Cats and Pigeons 2007 07:30 Music Finland
Crooked Room 2007 04:30 Music Finland
Day Train 06:00 Music Finland
Elephants Can 2007 06:10 Music Finland
Helsinki-Vantaa 2007 05:15 Music Finland
Huone 232 00:00
Isoäiti 00:00
It Was a Long Luxury 06:00 Music Finland
Jos saisin 00:00
Käki 00:00
Keväällä löydetty ruumis 00:00
"Kollektiivi" 00:00
Korintin ruusut 00:00
Koska meitä ei ole 00:00
Laura Palmer 00:00
Minihevonen 2016 04:40
Modern Single Man 04:00 Music Finland
Mustat silmät 00:00
Night Train 06:40 Music Finland
Nukun hiljaa kirkkomaassa 00:00
Odotusta 00:00
Pale Horse 2007 06:30 Music Finland
Passenger to Copenhagen 2007 03:45 Music Finland
Riemukaaret 2007 03:00 Music Finland
Sata rakastavaista 00:00 Music Finland
Sparkling Arsenic 2007 03:40 Music Finland
Taipan March 05:00 Music Finland
The Answer 02:45 Music Finland
The Incident 04:30 Music Finland
The Letter 02:40 Music Finland
The Pointing Finger 2007 04:40 Music Finland
Ultra Bra 00:00 Love Kustannus Oy
Vuodet 00:00