Jukka Tiensuu

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Jukka Tiensuu is a composer much in demand internationally whose works are very different from each other – and even any given work may contain improvisation, pantomime and choices for the performers (for instance, Yang 1 and Yang 2 may be performed separately or simultaneously). “...when seeking the fundamental essence of music, one cannot confine oneself to a narrow approach,” he has said. “Tiensuu’s musical language is Modernist in the broad sense, extending from aleatorics to strict Serialism and electronics,” writes Kimmo Korhonen. Tiensuu also frequently uses microintervals. His own instrument is the harpsichord, and he is keeping up a constant dialogue with the past. Since the 1980s, he has refused to comment on his own music (no liner notes, no interviews), preferring to let the music speak for itself. He was among the founders of both of Finland’s leading contemporary music festivals, Musica nova Helsinki and the Time of Music festival in Viitasaari.



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