About Music Finland Sheet Music Library

Music Finland Sheet Music Library maintains a large selection of Finnish sheet music and distributes unpublished works by Finnish composers. Focusing on Finnish contemporary music, the collection contains thousands of items of vocal, orchestral and chamber music.

This website provides comprehensive information on Finnish classical and contemporary composers and their works, as well as an international online store for sheet music. Most works can be purchased both as printed publications and digitally as PDF files. If you wish to buy a PDF version but you can’t find it at the web shop please contact us: musiclibrary@musicfinland.fi

Rental terms for orchestral music

Music Finland Sheet Music Library rents out orchestral parts of works for symphony orchestras and for string and chamber orchestras. Rental materials are not available at our web shop but you can place your rental order for us by e-mail: musiclibrary@musicfinland.fi

In your message please let us know:

  • The title and composer of the work you’re ordering
  • When you need the material the latest
  • The name of the orchestra and the dates of the concerts
  • How many scores you need
  • How many string parts you need
  • Payment details: do you wish to use credit card or receive an invoice
  • Delivery address

Rental materials will be delivered as printed, ready-made copies. In exceptional cases, we may deliver the material as PDF files instead.

The rental price for orchestral materials is determined according to the tariff given here. Any discounts are calculated on the final rent, which includes the performance-specific surcharges and discounts. Delivery costs are also invoiced. Orders should be placed at least one month before the material is required. For express deliveries (less than two weeks’ notice) we may charge an express delivery surcharge.

List of rental prices

Duration Works for Symphony Orchestra Works for String and Chamber Orchestras
excl. VAT incl. VAT 24% excl. VAT incl. VAT 24%
00:00 - 03:00 72,00 89,30 57,60 71,40
03:01 - 05:00 96,99 119,05 75,60 93,75
05:01 - 10:00 159,60 197,30 126,00 156,25
10:01 - 15:00 199,20 247,00 159,60 197,90
15:01 - 20:00 240,00 297,60 192,00 238,10
20:01 - 25:00 271,20 336,30 217,20 269,30
25:01 - 30:00 302,40 375,00 242,40 300,60
30:01 - 40:00 319,20 395,80 254,40 315,50
40:01 - 50:00 350,40 434,50 279,60 346,70
50:01 - 60:00 381,60 473,20 304,80 377,95
60:01 - 70:00 412,80 511,90 330,00 409,20
70:01 - 80:00 462,00 572,90 368,40 456,80
* Prices given in Euros

Discounts and Additions:

  • Amateur and music institution orchestra discount: -50 %
  • Repetition discount: -50 % for performances 2 & 3, -75 % for performance 4
  • Premiere addition: +100 %
  • Recording fee: +100 %
  • Cancellation fee: 50 % of the rental price, if music delivered
  • Media fee (internet broadcast): contact Music Finland Sheet Music Library

The rented material must be returned within two weeks of the last performance.

Services for Composers

Music Finland Sheet Music Library distributes and promotes unpublished works by Finnish composers who have been accepted as composer customers by Music Finland and who have then made a contract with Music Finland concerning the distribution of their unpublished sheet music.

In order to be accepted as Music Finland customer, composer must already be a customer of Teosto, the copyright organization for composers, lyricists, arrangers and music publishers in Finland. The applicant must be a professional composer who is Finnish or living and working mainly in Finland, and at least three of his/her works should have been performed by a public institution (e.g. a member festival of Finland Festivals, the Finnish Broadcasting Company, the Finnish Soloists Association, a member orchestra of the Finnish Big Band Association or a member orchestra of the Association of Finnish Symphony Orchestras). The application should include details of the composer’s studies and activities and any other relevant information. To apply, please visit our main site at https://musicfinland.fi/fi/palvelut/nuotisto to fill in an application form for composers.