Viisi laulua Raamatun sanoihin

by Kari Tikka

Five Biblical Songs, Five Biblical Songs

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Kari Tikka

Viisi laulua Raamatun sanoihin

Fennica Gehrman


See also: Viisi laulua Raamatun sanoihin for solo voice (soprano/mezzo-soprano/tenor/baritone) and orchestra: 1111/0220/01, strings Johanneksen kirje / version for alto or baritone and strings Johanneksen kirje / version for solo baritone and mixed choir Johanneksen kirje / version for basso, soprano and piano Johanneksen kirje / Kaksi sävellystä TV-ohjelmaan 'Jumala on rakkaus' Armolaulu / Version for mixed choir and orchestra Armolaulu / Version for children’s choir and chamber orchestra Armolaulu / Arrangement for male choir Armolaulu / Arrangement for string orchestra Armolaulu / Arrangement for wind quintet Armolaulu-fantasia Messu


solo voice and piano


Vocal and Choral Works, Works for Soloist(s) and Orchestra


1. Armolaulu (Song of Mercy) (1976)2. Rakkaus on! (Love is!) (1976)3. Johanneksen kirje (The letter of John) (1976) also a version for solo baritone and mixed choir (as a separate piece)4. Autuaita ovat (Blessed are) (1977)5. Laulun aika on tullut (Now the time has come to sing) (1979)

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