Symphony No. 3

by Fridrich Bruk

'Artist Chagall' ("Taiteilija Chagall")

Artist Chagall ("Taiteilija Chagall")

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Fridrich Bruk

Symphony No. 3


solo tenor (2nd movement) + 3322/4231/14/0, celesta, strings


Vocal and Choral Works, Works for Orchestra or Large Ensemble, Works for Soloist(s) and Orchestra


(recording): Mati Turi, tenor, Estonian National Opera Symphony orchestra, cond. Erkki Palola, Tallin (Estonia), September 8-9, 2002.


I Images of Vitebsk (Vitebskin kuvia; Bilder fon Vitebsk), II Bella's Death (Bellan kuolmea; Sterbe eus Bella), III The Revival (Uudesti syntyminen; Eusgeborheit)

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