Songs to texts by Eha Lättemäe

by Harri Wessman

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Harri Wessman

Songs to texts by Eha Lättemäe

Music Finland

Vocal and Choral Works


Oksat kasvavat ohitseni (The branches grow past me) - children's choir, flute, guitar or piano and guitar, 2'; Talvisen pimeä valkea maa (Dark white country in winter) - children's choir, flute, strings, 2'; Laulujen puu (Tree of songs, 1992) - children's choir, strings or piano. 2'; Vaalea veräjä (Light gate)- children's choir, piano or strings, 2'; Kissa vuoteella haukottelee (The cat is yawning on the bed) - children's choir, flute, piano, 2'; Päivänkukka (Daisy) - children's choir, flute, piano, 3'; Voi minun Hallini (Oh, my Halli) - children's choir, solo voice, piano, strings, 3'

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