Piano Concerto

by Joel Järventausta

'the sighing of the winds is softer than ever'

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Joel Järventausta

Piano Concerto

Music Finland


The first movement of this three movement concerto for piano and chamber ensemble begins with a slow melancholic chorale. The piano answers the calling of the ensemble and sets out to establish its individual voice. Throughout this movement the piano is a leading voice with the ensemble accompanying its movements.

The first half of the second movement treats the piano very much as part of the overall texture, however a juxtaposition is created through the microtonal inflections of the ensemble clashing with the equally tempered piano. A climactic surge of colour sets in motion an obsessive, repeating piano figuration resolving in a fragile and bare ending.

The third movement sees bell-like chords and gestures accompanying a lonely cantabile melody played by the piano. Scarcely orchestrated, the ensemble provides a soundscape of alien echoes.

The subtitle of the piece - ‘the sighing of the winds is softer than ever’ - is taken from John Muir’s writings on nature (1838-1914). This piece is dedicated to my friend and collaborator Laura Farré Rozada.


1111 1110 01 0, str [11111], pno solo


Works for Soloist(s) and Orchestra


Laura Farré Rozada (piano), New Perspectives Ensemble, conducted by Timothy Lines. Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall, Royal College of Music, London, UK, December 4, 2018



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Written for Laura Farré Rozada

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