by Joel Järventausta

for orchestra

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Joel Järventausta



The main motif of the piece, a falling minor third travels through different sections, hidden in the background or exposed in the foreground of the musical surface. The title Cantus came to me after finishing the piece. Cantus is a latin term for a primary voice in a polyphonic setting. Rather than a direct reference to a polyphonic choral work from the medieval era, the link in my piece is more abstract. Throughout the piece certain sections or textures are reminiscent of choral polyphonic writing, several individual lines moving on top of each other creating an ever-changing colourful sound mass. The main motivic idea can be seen as the actual ‘cantus’ or primary voice, though it is often hidden and less clear to the ear.


Works for Orchestra or Large Ensemble


RCM Philharmonic, conducted by Martin André in the Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall, Royal College of Music, London, June 22, 2017


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